Plus 2 Tall Flannels

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Since beginning Plus 2 in 2014 we’ve have always wanted to release a tall button-up.

Not just any button-up though. One that would be the perfect fit for bridging the tall mans needs with a streetwear cut.

Finally after a lot of redesigns and countless samples we are proud to present our flannel button-up shirt. As you would expect from us it’s a longline cut, plus a bit of added length in the arms for the vertically gifted. Finished off with two contrasting pockets, this timeless flannel piece is not only super comfy but also robust enough for the daily grind. 100% Cotton.

 Designed by Tall Aussies.
 Longline and Slim fit.
 100% Cotton. Warranty backed.
 Model is 6ft1 & Wearing Large Size.