Simon Jackson Tattooist

Simon is a unique artist whom has amazing creative flare, he has a graphic design background and an keen eye for detail. He has no specialities, has a can do attitude towards any tattoo, and is the man to see for cover ups or any ink really if you want good quality.
Simon is brilliant at most styles whether colour or grayscale. The man has produced many masterpieces over his tattoo career and does incredible work. If it's flora, fauna, portraits, fantasy, realism, old school, new school, mandala’s, water colour, cartoon, horror, animals or something just weird, wacky and out of the box he will try his hardest and do his best to bring your vision to life.
Simon takes his time to put in all the details with crisp clean lines and to really make your tattoo pop he is not a quick and cheap tattooist and will not rush a job and be ok about it. He puts in the time and dedication to get it just right so you walk away going 'Wow I Love my new tattoo', unlike the wham bam thank you ma'am crap jobs you are regretting 12 months later and spend more $ either getting a cover up or having it lasered off. If you want to get it right the first time around hit Simon up.
He is a beautiful, weird, funny character but his tattoos are on point and are sure to impress and give you the that's a great tattoo feeling. Simon is more than happy to break large tattoos up into multiple sessions so get onto it folks and get the ink you really want and don't settle for anything less. Simon really does work magic.
Currently working from Silver Tongue in Bendigo, but is known to travel around from time to time. If it’s a one of a kind tattoo you are after shoot Simon a message and let him work his magic. Enquiries always welcome.
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