The Hemp World Tour Tee - Vintage Black

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 Late in the Bones Warehouse one night, after a few not so quiet bevs, we were thinking to ourselves - “Imagine if there was a Tee that you could party in all day, then take off, tear apart, and blaze up with all your mates?” Which led us to creating our first Hemp Tee!

After a little research we then found out that’s not what Hemp is. You can’t smoke it. Turns out It’s just a sustainable, organic really comfy fabric that makes a pretty sweet Tee.

Made from 100% HEMP. 


Our band tees are pretty standard sizing, so buy how you want to wear it, if you want it big and baggy go a size up but if you want it to fit normally wear your standard size.

Models are wearing size XL

Size Length(cm) Width (cm)
S 63 43
M 67 48
L 71 53
XL 74 58
2XL 77 62